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“It must be assumed that any body of water in the Top End may contain large and potentially dangerous crocodiles.”

“If you walk, he walks.
If you stop, he stops.
If you fall down, he gets you.”

Un simpatico austriaco australiano, al Lichtfield National Park

We are proud of our culture, but sometimes Balanda taking photographs of us, offends us.
So please ask first.

Voices from different cultures

Our people would go to the mines
and after work they see
the whitefella drink beer.

Kathy Balngayngu Marika, Bangarra Dance Theatre

Culture is still alive today, even though we have a lot of other influences.
We still practice our culture and encourage it by teaching younger generations.
Culture is important because it keeps us in touch with our country and other Aboriginal people throughout the region.

Sandra McGregor

“Il lupo risveglia qualcosa nei recessi più profondi di una parte a lungo dimenticata della nostra anima, dove sopravvive un noi più antico…”

Mark Rowlands

C'è sempre, da qualche parte del mondo, un posto caldo dove svernare, lavorare, studiare, imparare, incontrare, condividere, stupirsi. Questa non è una notizia, è una banalità, ma è una bella banalità.

Una sognatrice errante

The belief that one’s own view of reality is the only reality is the most dangerous of all delusions.

Paul Watzlawick, La realtà della realtà

Canberra? A place whose best view comes from the back of a leaving car.


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